Cryonomic Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning is a technology that uses dry ice pellets for cleaning without water, cleaning without chemicals or replacing the manual cleaning job. Dry ice blasting machines are used in many industries for different application such as mould cleaning, renovation activities, machine cleaning, etc Dry ice pellets are made with our CRYONOMIC® dry ice production machines. All the CRYONOMIC® dry ice machines are hydraulically driven and they can all produce crystal-hard dry ice of different diameters: 3 mm pellets are used for cleaning & 10 and 16 mm sticks are used for cooling, cooled transport (catering, medical products) and other processes.

Why Dry Ice Cleaning?

1. Generates up-time,
2. Eliminates the need for detergents or chemicals to degrease,
3. Is non-abrasive compared to sand and grit blasting or cleaning with brushes,
4. Environmentally friendly,
5. Compact and versatile,
6. Dry Ice Cleaning can be used anywhere where water, sand or other cleaning products are not allowed.