Pratissoli Pump

pratissoli pump

A line of pumps made of more than 200 models designed for the most demanding applications in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, building, naval, textile, power generation, electronic, mechanical industries.

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Pratissoli proudly celebrate the birth of a new line of positive displacement triplexpiston pumps designed to handle drillingfluids, muds, slurries, dense mixture fora variety of applications in the mining,chemical, oil & gas industries.This new pump line combines years offield testing with the latest in technologicaladvances, proving outstanding abrasionresistance, easy maintenance and self priming capabilities

pratissoli vkh Pratissoli VKH
pratissoli hs Pratissoli HS
pratissoli hf Pratissoli HF
pratissoli kf Pratissoli KF
pratissoli vfh Pratissoli VFH
pratissoli kt45m Pratissoli KT45M
pratissoli kf5m Pratissoli KF5M
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