VertiDrive's robots adhere to steel by a magnetic drive assembly and can move independently in all directions: up, down, sideways and even overhead. This enables you to perform a variety of jobs while staying safely on the ground.

VertiDrive M3 attaches to surfaces using strong permanent magnets. Vertidrive M3 is a versatile robot and can carry applications for HP, UHP and abrasive blasting. It will be a comprehensive solution to remove industrial coatings, corrosion and other types of contamination quickly and efficiently on steel surfaces, such as storage tanks, ship hulls and other steel structures.
The M3 robot is operated remotely and allows the operator to stay on the ground and maintain a safe distance from the crawler. One other advantage of the VertiDrive M3 is that it can be converted into a VertiDrive M4 for closed hydroblasting, with the m3 to m4 conversion kit.

VertiDrive M3 :
> 60 m2 / 646 ft2 per hour
> 8x faster than manual work
> Horizontal, overhead, and vertical surfaces
> Multi-purpose solution
> Interchangeable applications
> 1500 mm (60") cleaning width
> Remote controlled
> Convertible to VertiDrive M4
> Versions : Electric, Pneumatic, ETEX Zone II
> Fits through 24" manhole